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The FotoLoft Gallery started to publish its own magazine.
On the 26th of June 2008 the first issue appeared. PORTFOLIO.FOTOLOFT. # 1 covered the creation of Irakly Shanidze - one of the peculiarest artists of FotoLoft Gallery.
«The world is absurd, and I am trying to show the idea of this absurd in my pictures» - such a note leaves no doubts that the artist knows exactly why he does it and what he wants to say.
At the same time there is nothing random in his works, but there is a lot of as-id random . As if he peeped up the idea in the everyday life and he pressed it, exaggerated and brought to the absurd. Social savagery or glamorous pathos - it doesn't matter, Shanidze makes everything absurd telling stories of normal people who happen to be not in their place and not in their time.

Volume: 92 стр

Журнал PORTFOLIO.FOTOLOFT отвечает самым высоким полиграфическим требованиям и имеет нестандартный формат (24,5см Х 34см), позволяющий выгодно показать работы даже с большим количеством мелких деталей. 

Количество страниц (92 стр.) даёт возможность показать творчество автора максимально полно, включая серийные проекты. 

Журнал будет выходить 1 раз в два месяца и показывать portfolio авторов галереи FotoLoft.

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